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Normally, I'm on the phone or behind my desk pounding on the keyboard, unless they leave the door open. Then I'm at the range. pic of the Blitzkrieg FSP

ar15news pic of fsp posted a great pic of our FSP.  Looked so good we thought we’d share it with you.


Product Review – Blitzkrieg Front Sight Post with White Stripe

Zack from Massachusetts gave the Blitzkrieg Front Sight Post with White Stripe a 5 Star Review.   Here’s what Zack had to say:

“Awesome! – This thing is frickin’ awesome! I’m right handed but left eye dominant and I’ve always struggled with iron site use. This sight post makes a world of difference and even allows me to comfortably shoot with both eyes open and aligning the sights with my right (non-dominant) eye. I can’t recommend this product enough.”

Thanks, Zack, for your review!

Did you find Zack’s review helpful?  If so, go here, scroll to the very bottom of the page where you see Zack’s review, and where it asks ‘Was this review helpful?’ please click ‘Yes’.

Blitzkrieg Components – Who We Are

10171846_303745176445924_653168550090572748_nBlitzkrieg Components is a parts developer in the firearms industry.  We are focused on developing accessories to make guns work better.

Blitzkrieg was started in 2010 by our owner, Brian Hormberg.   Brian, a retired United States Marine, has over 40 years experience with firearms and is an avid shooter.  His passion for guns has driven him to develop products that will make the shooting experience better for the everyday shooter, as well as the professional shooter.

In 2013, we introduced our first product, the Blitzkrieg Front Sight Post.  We worked hard to bring a product that was well thought out and would be useful and effective at helping the shooter improve their weapon.  It has been very well received by the shooting industry and the general public.  We are proud to say that we now have multiple dealers selling it.

In 2014, we partnered with CTS Engineering to bring an AR15 9mm buffer to market.  We are excited to say that we have prototypes and expect the final product to be to market very soon.

We look forward to continuing to serve, you, the shooter.

New AR-15 9mm buffer going to production!

AR15 9mm bufferBlitzkrieg Component’s new AR-15 9mm buffer is going into production!

We did extensive R&D on 9mm AR buffers and partnered with CTS Engineering to apply their AKTIVE buffer technology into a new 9mm specific buffer and after many rounds of prototypes and testing, this is the result. Shoots softer, runs smoother, won’t break bolt catches, and saves your AR from a beating from that heavy 9mm bolt! These will be available for sale with matched springs very soon.

Dealer Spotlight: Wiser Owl


We’d like to take a moment and introduce you to one of Blitzkrieg Component’s dealers:

Wiser Owl Tactical and Firearms

Wiser Owl, located in San Diego, CA, offers firearms and equipment and specializes in Tier 1 Operations Gear.

They received 4.8 out of 5 Stars on Facebook Reviews, so these guys are definitely satisfying their customers.

You can check them out on Facebook, call them at 858-547-9999 or email them at