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Blitzkrieg Components AR-15 Luminescent FSP

AR15CFS-08LG-13TA look at the Blitzkrieg Components Luminescent AR-15 Front Sight Post.

Dealer Spotlight: Loess Hills Tactical

Blitzkrieg-web-2We’d like to introduce you to one of Blitzkrieg Component’s dealers:

Loess Hills Tactical

The folks at Loess Hills Tactical, located in Council Bluffs, Iowa, “specialize in high end AR15/M16/M4 parts & accessories, specialized armorer’s tools, and tactical gear”.  We are proud to have Paul and his team in our dealer group.

They have over 7,000 Facebook likes!

You can check them out on Facebook, call them at 402-312-9080, or visit their webstore.  If you want to pick up a Blitzkrieg Front Sight Post, you can go here.

Product Review – Blitzkrieg Front Sight Post with White Stripe

Matthew S. on Facebook gave the Blitzkrieg Front Sight Post with White Stripe a 5 Star Review.   Here’s what Matthew had to say:

“The AR-15 Chevron Front Site is awesome! It took minutes to install. I did a quick zero at 50 yds then was making consistent hits on a steel head silhouette at 200 yds. I feel that it greatly increases your precision.”

Thanks, Matthew, for your review!

Product Review – Blitzkrieg AR-15 9mm AKTIVE Buffer/Spring Combo – Carbine

J from Missouri gave the Blitzkrieg AR-15 9mm AKTIVE Buffer/Spring Combo – Carbine a 5 Star Review.   Here’s what J had to say:

“The buffer works. I have tried many different weight 9mm buffers without much success. The Blitzkrieg buffer does make a difference in smoothing out the recoil. It locks back on an empty mag like a charm, runs very smoothly. The buffer keeps it reliable. I’ve had other buffers that actually hurt reliability. My friend who owns an H&K mp5 clone shot my Colt ar-15 9mm SBR with the Blitzkrieg Buffer and without. He agreed that it smoothed out the harshness of the blowback recoil. Thanks again for spending the time with me in answering my questions. I would like to continue doing business with your companies.”

Thanks, J, for your review!

Did you find J’s review helpful?  If so, go here, scroll to the very bottom of the page where you see J’s review, and where it asks ‘Was this review helpful?’ please click ‘Yes’.